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จำหน่ายปะเก็นPTFE Fluoroflange Gaskets/PTFE cut gaskets/Expanded PTFE joint sealant tape\
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จำหน่ายปะเก็น PTFE Fluoroflange Gaskets/PTFE cut gaskets / Expanded PTFE joint sealant tape "PAC - SEAL"
/PTFE rod / PTFE tube / PTFE ball valve seat & sealing gasket / PTFE envelope gaskets/ PTFE resin moulded sheet
/PTFE cord packing "PAC-LON" / PTFE gasket

PTFE Fluorogreen
- Fluorogreen E-110 is tested and proven unsurpassed when low deformation material is required. It is a chemically modified material, and uses the same manufacturing process as
- Fluorogreen E-600, giving the user ultra low deformation characteristics at temperatures in the range of 500 degree F. It is the recommended material for use in sodium hydroxide (black liquor) applications.

- Fluorogreen E-140 is unmatched when high compressibility is needed.
An example is glass- piping systems. The formulation of P.T.F.E. and micro glass beads makes
E-140 exceptionally effective when lower bolt loads are needed to effect a perfect seal. E-140 gives the user high tensile strength and excellent elongation.

- Fluoroflange Gaskets combine Fluorogreen's ultra high performance materials with a perforated stainless steel insert. This combination results in the finest sealing P.T.F.E. gasket available.
Unlike competitive gaskets, the Fluoroflange stainless steel insert is totally encapsulated, exposing no part of the insert to chemical attack. Fluoroflange gaskets give the user a high degree of safety and blow-out resistance. Fluoroflange gaskets are manufactured 3/32 thick in a full range of flange sizes and pressure ratings.

- Fluoroblack E-900 is chemically modified containing a specially formulated electro carbon fibre material.
E-900 is an excellent material for prolonged service against high concentrations of hydrofluoric acid.
This combination of materials makes Fluoroblack E-900 the lowest deforming P.T.F.E. based material available.
E-900 is also used to encapsulate perforated stainless steel inserts for use in our Fluoroflange flange gaskets.

- Fluorogreen E-600 matches E-110 in reliability when low deformation material is needed.
E-600 is particularly suited for use in very caustic environments. It was originally developed 30 years ago for
NASA's liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen applications and continues today, unequalled in performance in the
ever-changing, high tech space industry. E-600 is a tested and proven superior cryogenic material

PTFE Products
PTFE cut gaskets
-These products are machined or cut from PTFE Rods, pipes and sheets, such as V type gaskets, plain gaskets, ball valve's washer, etc. PTFE has several outstanding characteristics such as chemical inertness, moisture and weather resistance excellent dielectric resistance, etc.

- Expanded PTFE joint sealant tape "PAC - SEAL"
Pure expanded PTFE joint sealant tape with an adhesive back, a unique tape-form gasket, for use as a jointing on all types of flanges and can be used with almost all fluids due to its excellent corrosion resistance. High pressure capacity, convenient in use, soft and deformable. It is an ideal sealing material for enamel, glass, rough and special shaped sealing surface at an economical price.

PTFE rod
Features :
- There are two kinds of PTFE to offer. One is manufactured by paste extrusion method in diameters from 4 to 9 mm and the other is made by the ram extrusion method, Diameters from 10 to 50 mm, rods over the 50mm diameter are moulded.

PTFE is the most chemical-resistant of all known plastics. It does not age.
- PTFE has a wide range of working temperature from -180~260 ?C , a wax-like surface to which adhesion is difficult.
PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction of all known solid materials. It has the best electrical properties of all plastics.

Applications :
Electrical insulation, seals, Anti-sticking materials.

PTFE tube
- PTFE tubing is manufactured by ram extrusion method with PTFE granular resin.

- PTFE is the most chemical-resistant of all known plastics. It has the best electrical properties of all plastics.

PTFE ball valve seat & sealing gasket
Features :
- PTFE, ballvalve seat is manufactured by moulding with PTFE granular resin.

- PTFE, compared with other plastics, has a superior properties against chemicals and temperature.

PTFE envelope gaskets.
Features :
- PTFE envelope gaskets are a type of static seal. It is composed of elastic materials such as compressed asbestos sheet, rubber. Ceramics, etc., and a PTFE envelope cover.

- PTFE has superior properties against chemical (not affected by all chemicals except molten alkali metal and fluorine at elevated temperature)and a wide working temperature range.
(from-180~260 C) The coefficient of static and dynamic friction of PTFE are very low. PTFE is the best of the "non - stick " materials. It has excellent weathering and aging characteristics.

Application :
- PTFE envelope gasket is used to seal pipe flanges glass lined, PVC or FRP. Low bolt torque effecting a seal and chemical compatibility is a main characteristic of this type of gasket.

PTFE resin moulded sheet
Features :
- PTFE moulded sheet is manufactured by the moulding method with PTFE granular resin.

- PTFE is the most chemical resistance of all known plastics. It does not age. It has the lowest coefficient of friction of all known solid materials and a wide range of practicable temperature from -180~260

PTFE cord packing "PAC-LON"
- Pac-lon is round in section and 100% pure PTFE, used primarily as packing and gasket material. Self lubricating and non-hardening.
A tough fibrous PTFE core and low friction surface is more chemically inert than conventional string packings and has greater resistance to cold flow under pressure.
Recommended for flanges, valve or faucet stems, pump housings, stuffing boxes, rotary pump shafts, reciprocating rods, centrifugal pumps, rams and expansion joints.
For most acids, alkalies, solvents, fuels, air, water, steam, refrigerants, gases and liquified gases. Temperature from -180 C to +260 C. Not recommended for oxygen service.
(unless specially prepared)
- Dia : 3mm-14mm
- Density : 0.8g/cm3

PTFE gasket
Features :
- PTFE gasket is manufactured by moulding with PTFE granular resin.
- PTFE Compared with other plastics, has a superior properties against chemicals and temperature.
- Because of such excellent properties, PTFE has a wide application as a sealing material.

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