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Oxidized polyethylene wax, Oxidized PE wax, ออกซิไดซ์โพลีเอทิลีนแวกซ์, ออกซิไดซ์พีอีแวกซ์
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นำเข้าและจำหน่าย Oxidized polyethylene wax, Oxidized
PE wax, ออกซิไดซ์โพลีเอทิลีนแวกซ์, ออกซิไดซ์พีอีแวกซ์ สอบถามข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมได้ที่
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ไทยโพลีเคมิคอล จำกัด โทรศัพท์ 034854888, 034496284 มือถือ 0824504888,
0800160016 โทรสาร 034854899, 034496285 Oxidized
polyethylene wax, Oxidized PE wax, ออกซิไดซ์โพลีเอทิลีนแวกซ์, ออกซิไดซ์พีอีแวกซ์,
Description  1)Chemical Characteristic : Low adhesive,
high softening point and good hardness with stable chemical characteristics of
good heat stability, good dispersion performance, no poison, no frost and
mucous membrane; as an ideal interior & exterior lubricant, it can be used
as a substitute for  liquid paraffin,
natural paraffin etc   2) Properties: White particle,flake or
powder, with good lubricant effect, chemical durability and good electrical
performance, soluble in aromatic hydrocarbon.2.Application  1)Act as the lubricant, cost-saving agent and
release agent in the course of extruding, calendering, injecting,  blowing molding of PE, PP and other plastic.  2) Act as the dispersant for masterbatches,
pigment, carbon black, additive for parent material, filling parent material
and other pigments.  3) Applied in the field of hot melt road
marking material.  4) Act as the additive for shoeshine, floor
wax, car wax, polishing wax, chinaware, pill wax, paint, coating, cable, carbon
paper, wax paper, textile softening agent etc.  5) The additive for rubber process and car
anti-rust agent etc.A
method of preparation of oxidized polyethylene waxes, which have many
applications such as in plastics, rubber, leather, paper, inks and textile,
etc. was developed. The experiments of polyethylene waxes oxidization were
carried out in a pilot plant. The reactor was a 0.27 m diameter and 3 m high
column reactor with a conical distribution plate. The experimental results
showed that the optimal conditions for preparation of the Oxidized Polyethylene
Waxes were: catalyst KMnO4, reaction temperature 141?148?C, reaction time 3-7
h, air velocity 4?8 m/s. The oxidized polyethylene waxes with acid number of
above 30 mgKOH/g could be obtained with this method.Versatile
range of applicationsOxidized
polyethylene waxes are used as lubricants in the processing of plastics such as
polyvinylchloride to prevent the plastic from sticking to the hot surfaces in
the machinery, which saves energy and enhances the material properties of
products such as PVC pipes and profiles.Oxidized
polyethylene waxes can also be emulsified in water. Wax emulsions are applied
as finishes to textiles in order to obtain a smoother surface in order to make
them easier to sew and to make them more resistant to linting and pilling.
Polyethylene waxes are used in polishes applied to shoes, furniture, floors and
car bodywork and wax emulsions to protect the surface, to provide gloss or to
enhance safety by increasing the slip resistance. Addition of wax emulsions to
the coating of glossy magazines protects the surface against ink rub-off. A
thin layer of wax can also be applied to the skin of citrus fruit to prevent it
from drying out and becoming bruised.Oxidized
polyethylene waxProduct
white to pale yellow powder, flake or granularSoftening
point (?C): 90-110Density
(g/cm3): 0.94-0.96Acid
index (mg KOH/g): 12-15 Acid
value 10 - 13 KOH mg/g 13 - 16 KOH mg/g 4 - 10 KOH mg/gPropertyWhite
powder, lumpy or flakes with flowability. Oxidized Polyethylene Wax(OPE) is a
partly oxidized product of polyethylene wax, Since some carboxyl and hydroxyl
groups are in molecular chain, Oxidized Polyethylene Wax(OPE) compatibility
with polar resins is greatly improved, thus Oxidized Polyethylene Wax(OPE) has
excellent internal and external lubrication performance and is soluble in
aromatic hydrocarbons.ApplicationsOxidized
Polyethylene Wax(OPE) is widely used in processing of packing materials and thermoshrink
film as external lubricant. Oxidized Polyethylene Wax(OPE) is used as
processing auxiliaries for PVC shapes, pipes and plates to increase the surface
smoothness of the processed products with an amount of 0.3-0.5%. Oxidized
Polyethylene Wax(OPE) can increase the demoulding property effectively and
reduce mould-cleaning time significantly in processing plastic products.
Oxidized Polyethylene Wax(OPE) can be also used as new-type lubricating agent
with excellent performance for plastics of PVC and polyolefin, etc. Oxidized
Polyethylene Wax(OPE) raises lubrication between plastics and metals, improves
dispersion of coloring agents and provides products with nice transparency and
brightness. Oxidized Polyethylene Wax(OPE) can be used as softening and
anti-puncturing agents for textiles. Oxidized Polyethylene Wax(OPE) is also
widely used in car wax and leather auxiliaries.Package:20
kg woven bags lined with plastic bags/25kg composite paper bag.Suggested
the basis of resins?and  also 0.1-0.2% in
polymethylmethacrylate resin.Storage
and TransportationStored
and delivered as non-hazardous product. สอบถามข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมได้ที่
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