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ยี่ห้อ : SONY
รุ่น : DSR-PD177
วันที่ปรับปรุงล่าสุด : 19 เม.ย. 2563 16:25:02
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Sony announces the launch of the DSR-PD177P, a newly designed DVCAM? camcorder that is powered by Sony's latest imaging technology. Like its predecessor, the hugely successful DSR-PD170P, the DSR-PD177P addresses a broad spectrum of applications where picture quality, reliability and mobility are primary concerns. Besides inheriting the attractive features of the DSR-PD170P, the DSR-PD177P also offers a range of enhancements for improved audio and video quality and operability, including a choice of new accessories to aim to meet even more diverse shooting scenarios

?The DSR-PD177P adopts the DVCAM format which is the worldwide standard SD format for professional camcorders. It also boasts the cutting edge technology of Exmor Sensor System1 to achieve a low light sensitivity of just 1.5lux in order to maximise the potential of the camcorder?s imaging system,? says Mr. Isao Matsufune, Head of Network Systems Product Marketing, Business and Professional Products Asia Pacific (A division of Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd), ?All these exceptional features, combined with Sony?s exclusive high-performance G Lens, makes this camera a great product to work with, especially for ENG usage and independent content creators."

The Sony exclusive G Lens incorporates the brand?s unique optical technology and unrivalled quality control. With this sophisticated lens, designed to complement DSR-PD177P?s advanced image sensor and image-processing technology, the user can now expand upon their shooting possibilities.

Some of G Lens major features include:

29.5mm wide angle and 20x optical zoom (the equivalent of 35mm film in 16:9) that is perfect for a wide variety of shooting situations, ranging from broad landscape shots to close-up shots where sufficient distance from the subject may be hard to obtain.

2 Extra-low Dispersion glass elements to reduce the chromatic aberrations caused by differences in light refraction to minimise colour fringing.

Advanced optical lens technology enables Sony?s Exmor Sensory System to realise sharper images with higher resolution and lesser noise.

An almost circular 6-blade iris diaphragm to aid the creation of beautiful visual effects by allowing the user to add creative background blur into their shots

?Besides the technology behind the lens, Sony also places high emphasis on functionality,? adds Mr. Matsufune, ?With the ergonomic layout of the zoom, focus and iris control rings, users can operate these functions singlehandedly. On top of this, the DSR-PD177P also provides up to 7 ASSIGN buttons for quick access to frequently used functions to suit variable shooting conditions."

The DSR-PD177P also comes with a 3.2-inch-type widescreen XtraFine? LCD panel on the front of its handle. With a high resolution of approximately 921,000 pixels, the panel allows for easier focus adjustments while displaying virtually 100% of the recorded picture area.

Additionally, with this sleek and lightweight camcorder, attaching and removing the microphone has never been easier, thanks to the one-touch clip-type microphone holder. In fact, one of Sony?s Pro Audio microphones, ECM-673, is the perfect complement to the DSR-PD177P.

Fashioned as a supercardioid directional compact shotgun microphone, the ECM-673 has an excellent sensitivity of -36 dB (0 dB=1 V/Pa.) and low inherent-noise level of less than 17 dB SPL as well as a built-in two-position (M, V) low-cut switch that results in clear voice pick-up even in a noisy environment. Furthermore, the ECM-673 microphone also has a flat-and- wide frequency response (40 Hz to 20 kHz) which makes the quality of sound reproduction extremely smooth and natural. Topping off all of these features is the vibration-resistant mechanism which gives the ECM-673 great durability and reliability.

More than just excellent product design, the DSR-PD177P also makes file-based workflow a breeze. Simply connect to the optional HVR-MRC1K Memory Recording Unit via an i.LINK connector and the camcorder is up and ready for HYBRID operation. Now, users can easily and Page 3 / 3 simultaneously record video footage to both tape and a standard CompactFlash? Card, ensuring maximum flexibility and workflow efficiency.

Specification :

Lens Sony G Lens, 20x (optical), f = 4.1 to 82mm, f = 29.5 to 590 mm at 16:9 mode, f = 36.1 to 722 mm at 4:3 mode, filter diameter: 72mm
Built-in filters Clear, 1/4, 1/16, 1/64
Imaging system 1/3 inch-type, progressive 3 ClearVid CMOS Sensor system with Exmor technology
Picture elements Approx. 1,037,000 pixels (effective), approx. 1,120,000 pixels (total)
Focus Auto, manual (focus ring/one push auto/infi nity/AF assist/focus macro)
White balance Auto, one-push auto (A/B positions), indoor (3200 K), outdoor (selectable level -7 to +7, approx. 500K/step), manual WB Temp (selectable 2300K to 15000K, 100K/step)
Shutter speed Auto 1/50 - 1/2000 Manual 1/4 - 1/10000
Gain selection -6, -3, 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 dB
Minimum Illumination 1.5lux (auto gain, auto iris, 1/25 shutter)
Recording format DV-CAM, DV SP 576/50i (PAL)
Playback/Recording time DV SP Max. 63 min with PHDVM-63DM cassette DV-CAM Max. 41 min with PHDVM-63DM cassette
Audio/Video output 10-pin connector A/V OUT jack ( composite and unbalanced audio x2ch with the supplied cables)
DV input/output i.LINK interface (IEEE 1394, 4-pin)
XLR audio input XLR 3-pin female x 2ch
Headphones Stereo mini jack (?3.5 mm)
LANC Stereo mini-mini jack (?2.5 mm)
LCD viewfinder 0.45 inch-type (Viewable area measured diagonally), approx. 1,226,880 dots (852 x 3[RGB] x 480), 16:9 aspect ratio
LCD monitor 3.2 inch-type (Viewable area measured diagonally), XtraFine LCD, approx. 921,600 dots, hybrid type, 16:9 aspect ratio
Mass Approx. 2.2 kg (5 lb 1 oz) (w/o tape, battery)
Dimension (W x H x D) Approx.169 x 188 x 451mm (6 3/4 x 7 1/2 x 17 7/8inch) (with lens hood, microphone and large eye cup)
Power requirements DC 7.2 V (battery pack), DC 8.4 V (AC adaptor)
Power consumption DVCAM/DV Approx. 6.8 W (with LCD viewfinder ON)
Operating temperature 0 to 40 ?C (32 to 104 ?F)
Storage temperature -20 to 60 ?C (-4 to 140 ?F)

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