Raynox HD-3035PRO/HD-3032PRO Semi-Fish Eye

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Raynox HD-3035PRO/HD-3032PRO Semi-Fish Eye

The model HD-3035PRO/HD-3032PRO Semi-Fish Eye conversion lens is designed to broaden the angle of view, including 180% more area in the picture, when attached to the lens of Digital Video Camcorder or Digital Cameras. It's compatible with up to 6x zoom(Camocrder) area and stays in focus.

The HD-3035PRO/HD-3032PRO has achieved an amazing high definition standard of 520 lines/mm resolution power at center (MTF30%) in the Semi-Fish Eye formula.

There is no quality difference between HD-3032PRO and HD-3035PRO lens.

High-Resolution 520-line/mm

2-group/2-element High Definition design

Ultra Wideangle 0.3x

Lens Shade Mask & 5-adapter ring included

LS-03W Lens shade mask is included with HD-3035PRO.

LS-03W Lens shade mask is Not included with HD-3032PRO.

The lens shade will cut an unwanted light beam, and it prevents flare and ghost image effect considerably.

Size: 80 x 9, Weight: 10g.

How to mount the Lens Shade Mask LS-03W.

With LS-03W Lens Shade Mask

LS-03W Lens shade mask is included with HD-3035PRO.

LS-03W Lens shade mask is Not included with HD-3032PRO.

Specifications & Measurements

Magnification Nominal 0.3x

On the Digital camera: Actual 0.3x Diagonal, 0.42x Horizontal

On theCamocrder: Actual 0.34x Diagonal, 0.44x Horizontal

Lens construction 2-group/2-element, Coated optical glass elements

Image distortion -45% on the digital camera (max.wideangle), -39% on the Camcorder (max.wideangle),

Front Filter thread None

Mounting thread 37mm

Dimensions 45mm x 70mm

Weight 143g(5.0oz)

Accessories 5-adapter ring, Lens shade mask, Lens caps, Lens case, Instruction manuals


F= Female thread size, M= Male thread size, 0,5 & 0,75= screw-thread pitch.

HD-3035PRO, HD-3032PRO comes with 5-adapter rings and

it is suitable to 27mm/ 30mm/ 30.5mm / 34mm/ 37mm/ 43mm filter sizes.

The adapter rings other than the above listed sizes are also available from us.(Sold separately)



Camera's maximum wideangle view to

Semi-Fish Eye angle of view

in Video Clip taken with

HD-3035PRO/HD-3032PRO and Digital Video Camcorder




Click the lens to see actual comparison shots taken with QC-303 and HD-3035PRO/HD-3032PRO.

(Please hit re-load button of your browser if you can not see the comparison image.)

?The cosmetic designs may change without prior notice.

?Remote control function and internal video light/Flash may not work properly with conversion lens attached.

?The lens is not compatible with SONY DCR-DVD301/201/101.

? Screw-thread pitch size is 0.75mm unless specified.

?The lens shade mask model LS-03W is also available separately for the users of HD-3032PRO, HD-3031PRO and HD-3030PRO Semi-Fisheye lens and it can be purchased under the model number RAYNOX LS-03W-K.

?Exposing the conversion lens to a warm atmosphere in an instant way from the cold area may create some dews on and inside the lens. When it happened inside the lens, keep the lens in a dry area till the dews disappear before using. Repeating such situation may leave dirt spot-(mildew) and affect the image.

?All of Raynox conversion lenses are proudly made in Japan. At our wholly owned manufacturing subsidiary, every stage of production is rigorously checked and tested so that the lens elements compensate effectively for astigmatism, distortion and spherical aberration.... for an excellent image quality.

?The lens is neither made for dust-free nor moisture/water-proof.